A personal and uniquely Japanese standard of service

A-Co’s moving and cleaning

A-Co Moving has been delivering on its mission to provide customer satisfaction since its foundation in 2014. Owner Eiko Naito has been living in New York for 30 years, spending 14 years from 2000 as the partner in an American moving company, where she built particularly strong relationships of trust with Japanese clients. She became independent in 2014, and has since earned a stellar reputation providing meticulous service informed by her sensibility as a Japanese woman, dedicated to meeting the demanding standards of Japanese customers. Specializing in domestic moves within the US, A-Co Moving provides a comprehensive service customized for the needs of each individual client. In addition to standard home moves, we handle office and warehouse projects, as well as transportation of art works and musical instruments that require specialized expertise and technology. We are able to offer support from the initial point of inquiry and throughout the process entirely in either Japanese or English.

Recently, to expand our business beyond moving services in associated lifestyle areas such as cleaning and disposal, we have rebranded our company as A-Co New York. We are launching services to assist with the disposal of personal belongings in late-stage life, estate liquidation, and clearing out. Our experience has underlined how many of the customers who are downsizing in the course of relocation have pressing needs for disposal and clearing out. The process of providing moving services has made us keenly aware that we are not simply transporting objects, but entrusted with safe keeping the personal histories and memories of our clients. With that same awareness, we seek to assist in the disposal of belongings in late-stage life, estate liquidation, and organizing.

119 West 72nd Street #384, New York, NY 10023