A-Co’s house cleaning

A-Co provides a thorough and professional cleaning service.

We can take your living environment to a new level with our thorough and attentive cleaning to rigorous Japanese standards. We not only keep your home in tip-top shape, but also take care to use cleaning agents that are kind to people and the environment. Our priority is always the well being of those who live in your home. Why not try our services?

    What does house cleaning have to offer?

Customers who are thinking of trying A-Co’s home cleaning often ask “What can you offer that I can’t do myself?”

While many of you are already cleaning hard every day, we can take your living space to another level by applying professional techniques for an extra touch. Look at these examples of what we can do.


House cleaning

    Your home is the foundation of your lifestyle, and we will clean it as your needs dictate. As well as ordinary homes, we also offer cleaning for offices and stores, and invite you to choose the service plan that best meets your objectives.
Housewide (deep)   Spot  


Plan that takes care of your entire residence, including kitchen and bathrooms

  • Spring cleaning, when moving, or for newly-built homes
  • Recommended when renovating or away on an extended vacation

Plan that disinfects and cleans the places where dirt has accumulated over the years and that are hard to reach

  • Cleaning specific target areas
  • With specialized equipment and cleaning agents, we will thoroughly clean areas such as bathroom mold and kitchen grease


Plan that provides cleaning at regular intervals to preserve a beautiful living environment


Commercial cleaning    


Plan offer regular cleaning to preserve a sanitary and welcoming environment in stores and offices



    Procedural flow


    Ancillary services available

Here are other services also offered by A-Co. Feel free to check out whichever meets your lifestyle needs.