Here at A-Co we have relaunched our ‘organizing’ service. Organizing goes beyond simply helping you dispose of unwanted items and keeping your home tidy. We recognize how customers can struggle to identify what to keep and what to discard, and offer comprehensive support covering decision making, disposal, and keeping your effects in good order.




Our service assists with tidying and storing items across your entire residence, or specific areas such as closets and kitchen shelves. We also assist with organizing the personal effects of those in the late stages of life.


Estate liquidation  


We can help with disposal of the effects of loved ones who have passed away in New York. We can deliver heirlooms to surviving family, put you in touch with lawyers and real estate companies, and help dispose of or clean furniture and belongings. Other services tailored to the needs of the customer can also be provided.


Feng shui interior coordination and rearrangement  


Modifying the placement of your furniture or the color scheme of your interior can enhance convenience as well as appearance. We can create a comfortable living space by arranging your home with the help of A-Co’s feng shui coordinator.


     How to proceed

We would be pleased to follow up and arrange schedules with those interested, always with the utmost sensitivity to the feelings of you and your family.


    Services are available in conjunction with organizing, disposal of possessions
in late-stage life, and estate liquidation

These are other services in addition to moving that A-Co NY can provide. Please check out whichever meets your lifestyle needs.