A-Co Moving for your moving needs

A-Co offers a uniquely Japanese attention to detail in handling your possessions, including packing, transportation and unpacking.

Customers who may be unfamiliar with the language of culture of the US can rest assured that we will safely handle your routine moving needs, and also transport valuables, works of art, pianos and similar items with the utmost care. Our experienced staff have specialized expertise and techniques at their disposal, and will handle each individual item with close attention.

We will do everything in our power to provide a smooth transition from a place rich in memories to your new location.

Choose the service that best meets your objectives from our menu of residential (standard),
office, and store moving services, for local or medium-distance destinations, or relays with international moves

Residential (standard) relocation

› Cater to any scale from single person to family
› Range up to mid-distance, from NY environs
    to East Coast or Midwest
› Service for storage/disposal of belonging during
› Sale of packing materials with delivery in advance
› Liability insurance for damaged/lost items,
    building insurance
Company or office relocation

› Cater to all needs including office or store relocation
     or layout changes
› Service for storage/disposal of office/store items
     during renovation
› Sale of packing materials with delivery in advance
› Liability insurance for damaged/lost items, building
Medium/long-haul and international relocation

› Packing/transportation service for international
   moves back to home country
   (link to alliance partners for international moves)
› Transportation service to airport/port for
     export items
› Moving service range up to mid-distance covering
     East Coast or Midwest (contact us about locations)

Choose the best plan for your lifestyle and needs, from boxing and furniture packing to unpacking.

Standard Plan

» Furniture wrapping, transportation, and installation in your new home
・The customer is responsible for boxing and small items and personal belongings and unpacking these after the move
・Ideal for those seeking an affordable move

Deluxe Plan

・Includes pre-move boxing of small items and personal belongings, in addition to the Standard Plan service
・The customer is responsible for unpacking these items after the move
・Ideal for those seeking to organize their belongings at leisure after moving in

Premium Plan and Premium Plus Plan

・Extra level of service via a total package that extends from pre-move packing to post-move unpacking
・We also offer a Premium Plus service that includes cleaning your new home

・We have many other service options available to meet your needs, such as those listed below.
・Packing & unpacking
・Disposal service
・Art works and antiques
・Pianos and musical instruments
・Precision electronics, etc

Please contact us if there is anything else you may need, and we will do our best to accommodate
this as a service option.
Our staff has 25 years of expertise and specialized techniques at your disposal, and will pack and
transport any items that require special care and handling during your move.
Please feel free to consult about any type of item that is not listed above.

The flow is the same regardless of which plan you choose.
You can buy the necessary materials for packing from us after applying for service.

“What do I need to do next after deciding to move?”
“How does it work?” Our guide has the answers.
We cover the details of what you need to prepare and watch
out for between deciding to move and the day of the move,
along with packing tips. Please take a look.

There are other services A-co Moving provides.
Please take a look.